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ThingoTeam has reinvented  the Bulletin Boards with help of the Augmented Reality

ThingoTeam has reinvented  the Bulletin Boards with help of the Augmented Reality A group of  students in UK announced a groundbreaking productivity application powered by augmented reality technology called BeyondBoard  AR. Bulletin Boards have been in use for many years, but they haven’t changed much in these years.Today, BeyondBoard is going to level up the […]

Using Deep learning for providing better AR experince

Two Turkish researcher have conducted a research on  Augmented Reality Applications Using Deep Learning and they provided valuable information Unlike the totally artificial structure of the virtual reality, the augmented reality works by placing virtual objects on user’s vision while he/she watching the real world. In the first applications of augmented reality, a pre-defined pattern is […]

Neuromarketing meets Virtual Reality

I was a marketer for a long term and as a marketer I’m really hungry for any information about customers. Neuromarketing helps us know about customers with out asking them for self-reports. I think combination of VR with neuromarketing tools such as eye tracking could provide us valuable informations. Dr.Tim Holmes from Acuity Intelligence has wrote an […]

Usages of Blockchain in Virtual Reality

You may think blockchain is not important for you because, there are various virtual currencies and there is no need for another one but I think you’re wrong. In this post, I will discuss the possible usages of blockchain in VR based on two articles from Invest in blockchain website.   There are several reasons […]

Apple Augmented Reality Team

According to Tech Crunch, Apple could be betting big on augmented reality. According to a new Bloomberg report, the company could be working on augmented reality features for the iPhone and then later for glasses, a new device that you would pair with your smartphone. While the speculative combine of glasses is no place close […]

ThingoTeam announced AR Graffiti Application

ThingoTeam has launched a graffiti sharing platform making life more joyful. It’s called AR Graffiti Artist which allows graffiti artists to paint on walls without being worried about getting caught because they paint in augmented reality. AR Graffiti Artist users can create AR Graffitis on every wall they find outdoor and their paintings will be […]

First screenshots of BeyondPass AR

The BeyondPass AR is in the road to App Store and You can download it from app store soon. There are screenshots of our game changing AR Social Media. We will release weekly update and add new features soon. Also, You can check BeyondPass AR website : beyondpass.com To report a bug or ask for […]

Augmented Reality Social Network with ARKit

Augmented Reality provides various opportunities and It can give a new life to social networking. I  and My friends at ThingoTeam are working on wide social network for AR era. Our Social network provides benefits  for following groups: Gamers Business Owners Casual Users NGOs I think first version of our AR social network will release […]

Why is iPhone X inexpensive?

Why is iPhone X inexpensive? While many people believe iPhone X is expensive and overpriced and they call it’s buyers Sheeples, I think in contrast to other Devices, the iPhone X is more affordable. How a 1000$  cellphone can be cheap?In name of computer-mediated reality, iPhone X can be an affordable choice. iPhone X has […]