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AR is reshaping Product Design

PTC has published an article about the ways Augmented Reality is reshaping product design.

AR breaks the barrier to 3D: A CAD engineer can use AR to superimpose a model on the physical world as a hologram. This creates new and more efficient ways to evaluate and improve designs.


1. Reduce development cycle time. As one example of an AR-based design technique in use today, an engineering team can use AR to superimpose a CAD model of a construction machine in the terrain of its intended outdoor setting. Team members can then virtually “move” around the model to view it from over, under, around, or inside and evaluate its sight lines and ergonomics in this setting. This richer context can help teams make sound design decisions earlier in the development cycle—speeding the path to create and test a more mature physical prototype and ultimately decreasing design cycle time. On top of all that, AR models are easy to share. All it takes is a free app to view an experience.

2. Improve Product Quality. Design engineers can also use AR to superimpose a CAD model over a physical prototype to compare how well the digital and physical models match. Volkswagen uses this method today in its digital design reviews to catch any anomalies between the virtual and physical designs. One result has been better quality assurance—and higher-quality end products.  And since the engineering team no longer has to painstakingly compare each 2D drawing with its prototype, the AR-assisted technique is 5-10 times faster than its manual predecessor—again shortening the development cycle.

3. Provide Data to Fuel Next-gen Product Design. Finally, combined with data driven design, broader use of AR will come in the near future. Once out in the field, AR-enabled products with embedded sensors can harvest unique streams of data and analytics on how users interact with these products under a range of real-world conditions. The resulting insights then appear right on the AR model, informing next-gen product design and giving design teams a competitive edge and a clearer path to creating products that meet customer needs.



source: https://www.ptc.com/en/cad-software-blog/3-ways-ar-is-already-reshaping-product-design

Apple Augmented Reality Team

According to Tech Crunch, Apple could be betting big on augmented reality. According to a new Bloomberg report, the company could be working on augmented reality features for the iPhone and then later for glasses, a new device that you would pair with your smartphone.

While the speculative combine of glasses is no place close prepared, it’s as yet intriguing to perceive what Apple is really going after in the background. Also, it first begins with a team.

Mike Rockwell is apparently leading the new augmented reality team. He previously worked for Dolby on new technologies and hardware. Last Spring, Rockwell put together a team of experienced engineers when it comes to augmented reality.

According to Bloomberg, members of the team include:

  • Cody White, a former lead Amazon engineer who worked on Amazon’s CryEngine game engine fork
  • Duncan McRoberts, the former director of software development at Meta
  • Yury Petrov, a former Oculus researcher
  • Avi Bar-Zeev, a former Amazon and Microsoft engineer who worked on HoloLens, among other things
  • Various engineers working on special effects for Hollywood blockbusters

Hardware and software engineers who were working on other projects at Apple also joined the team. Apple also acquired Metaio and Flyby Media for those projects. Overall, hundreds of engineers could be working on augmented reality right now.

All of this sounds cool, but it doesn’t really tell us what Apple has in store for its users. Details are thin on this front in Bloomberg’s report.

Apple could start with basic augmented reality features in the Camera app, such as selfie filters and real-time object detection, starting with faces. In other words, you can expect Snapchat-style filters built into iOS soon. While this is not augmented reality per se, the company could also go beyond Portrait Mode by letting you adjust the focus on an image after taking a photo. And that’s about all we know so far.

If Apple is serious about augmented reality, there should be something more than this. Bloomberg talks about new augmented reality glasses so you can add virtual data to the world around you, but it sounds like the company itself doesn’t know what it wants to do with the new device yet.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt. And let’s see if iOS 11 gives us hints about Apple’s augmented reality bet.

My teammates and I have started working on projects for Apple AR Glasses, We hope Apple release this app soon and we have juicy contents for AR Glasses era.

ThingoTeam announced AR Graffiti Application

ThingoTeam has launched a graffiti sharing platform making life more joyful. It’s called AR Graffiti Artist which allows graffiti artists to paint on walls without being worried about getting caught because they paint in augmented reality.

AR Graffiti Artist users can create AR Graffitis on every wall they find outdoor and their paintings will be visible for other users of the application. Users who see these graffitis can complement the works of the artist.  

Amir-reza Asadi co-founder and designer of the application stated that ‘’AR Graffiti Artist will let everyone to have a role in street art movements”, Furthermore it will stop criticizers of graffiti art from calling it vandalism. Asadi added that” Release of AR Graffiti Artist is a major milestone for AR Art“.

Augmented reality is a rising technology and is very important in Apple’s vision for the future of computing. Apple has  bought some of the small businesses working on AR and these investments have the tech community waiting for it’s long rumored AR glasses, so AR Graffiti Artist is joining the wave toward augmented reality.

 AR Graffiti Artist is  available for free in the Appstore now and is compatible  with iPhone 6s and later, iPad pro models and iPad 6th generation.  

Devices must be running iOS 11.4 Or later.

ThingoTeam is the group behind the AR Graffiti Artist application, which is made of students who are interested and involved  in emerging technologies including AR/VR and Deep Learning projects.

Press Contact

Essam Hemadi


AR Graffiti Artist Screenshots

ThingoTeam announced the AR Graffiti Artist Application and its available for download in appstore.

Here you can see the screenshots of app


First screenshots of BeyondPass AR

The BeyondPass AR is in the road to App Store and You can download it from app store soon.

There are screenshots of our game changing AR Social Media.

We will release weekly update and add new features soon.

Also, You can check BeyondPass AR website : beyondpass.com

To report a bug or ask for an AR feature please visit this link.

AR Social Network:BeyondPass

As I wrote earlier, ThingoTeam members are working on an ultimate AR social network which is a pass to AR World.

Finally We selected a name for Our AR Social Network and it’s BeyondPass.

BeyondPass is more than a real passport because it lets you pass to AR World which is covering all locations of planet earth.

The  initial version of  BeyondPass app will hit iOS App Store in January 2018.

Main features of BeyondPass App:

  • SkyWriting
  • SkyStickers
  • AR Plazas
  • indoor Plaza
  • Mini Games
  • AR SandBox
  • Social Portals
  • AR Portal
  • FriendMaking

Here is a link to website of BeyondPass AR.


Augmented Reality Social Network with ARKit

Augmented Reality provides various opportunities and It can give a new life to social networking.

I  and My friends at ThingoTeam are working on wide social network for AR era.

Our Social network provides benefits  for following groups:

  • Gamers
  • Business Owners
  • Casual Users
  • NGOs

I think first version of our AR social network will release  in November.

While there are various technical difficulties in the journey of app development, finding a name  of this new social network is time taking.We consider your suggested names seriously.

By suggesting us names you can be part of future.

Viva AR, Viva ThingoTeam, Viva SocialAR


Why is iPhone X inexpensive?

Why is iPhone X inexpensive?

While many people believe iPhone X is expensive and overpriced and they call it’s buyers Sheeples, I think in contrast to other Devices, the iPhone X is more affordable.

How a 1000$  cellphone can be cheap?In name of computer-mediated reality, iPhone X can be an affordable choice. iPhone X has various interesting features that make it a killer warrior in computer-mediated reality market, and of course, the new war is not on the devices with better voice assistant systems, The battle is about  Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality.

Microsoft is going to release Windows Mixed Reality headsets this Holiday. Google has released  DayDream VR platforms which work with Android Devices.

Sony, HTC, and Facebook are other major players in Virtual Reality market.

let’s check their solutions costs:

Sony PlayStation VR: 400$ Headset + 300$ PlayStation 4 Device and the solution is not portable and you should be connected to TV. Total Cost: 700$
HTC Vive: 1000+$ PC  +  599$ Headset( Which was 799$ earlier .Total Cost is at least  1600$  and the solution is not usable out of the house in the best case you can purchase extra accessories to make it cordless at Home.
Facebook: 1000$+PC   +  399$ Headset. Total Cost is at least 1400 $ and you cant’ use it in outdoor.
Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality: 1000$ PC + 299$ headset. Total cost is at least 1299$ and you are the prisoner of cords and cables in this solution too.
Microsoft HoloLens Commercial Suite which is dedicated to  Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality is 5000$.
Google DayDream: 649$ Pixel Phone + 79$ Headset and total costs are around 800$ which is the cheapest VR  solution so far.
But what you got when you buy an iPhone x:

Apple A11 ‘Bionic’ chipset has used in iPhone X and iPhone8. This chipset includes  Six-Core CPU, Six Core GPU, M11 motion coprocessor which makes new iPhones performance higher than new Macbook pro(1).It means that you got a high-performance device which empowers you Augmented Reality Solution.
Furthermore, iPhone X  front sensors can detect  30,000 dots in your face (It seems to be more accurate than Kinect Two which is not portable ).
iPhone Cameras are calibrated for Augmented Reality and they can work in low light, moreover, they are 60fps which can create immersive AR experience.
Although Apple officially has not introduced any VR/AR headset yet Third party companies get interested in creating AR headsets for ARKit.Mira Prism is one of these companies which is going to sell 99$ AR headset for iPhone 7.

You may think with yourself While Apple hasn’t released VRKit( Or any information about VR Capabilities)  why I talk about Virtual Reality in this discussion?Because I the hardware of iPhone X is not only AR Ready but They Are VR-Ready too and the ARKit is not only augmented reality development kit, ARKit with iPhone’s World Tracking hardware can create immersive VR experiences.For Example, if you watch the videos of ARKit portals you can experience the immersive Virtual Reality which may be more immersive than Playstation VR.

In conclusion, Apple and Google providing less expensive solutions and if we consider the flood of AR apps for iPhone, the Apple Solution seems to be more affordable. I hope Apple introduces it’s own AR Glasses in beginning of 2018 also I wish it has built-in batteries to increase the duration of AR experiences.



AR and its impact on Toy Industry

I was searching for AR Headsets and I saw Lenovo Lenovo Mirage Star Wars Jedi Challenges .

Toy industry has  impacted  by video games for many years but Augmented Reality is an opjputunty for toy makers, they can create toys such as lightsabers for Augmented Reality ecosystems. With help of this  impressive tools , the users will have more immersive experience.What do you think about that? I love to buy an sword for fighting in AR or an AR Ready Bike.

Locate your missing items with ARKit new app

iOS 11 is beta yet but Developers are working  on Creative apps.


Bluetooth trackers  make a sound when you misplace your wallet, keys or other items. Some of these companies are getting into the AR game with apps which use AR to show you visually where your items are located.

Pixie is one of these, launching an ARKit-based app later this month which uses distance and direction indicators to guide you to your item.

Here is a video of Pixie in action