ThingoTeam announced AR Graffiti Application

ThingoTeam has launched a graffiti sharing platform making life more joyful. It’s called AR Graffiti Artist which allows graffiti artists to paint on walls without being worried about getting caught because they paint in augmented reality.

AR Graffiti Artist users can create AR Graffitis on every wall they find outdoor and their paintings will be visible for other users of the application. Users who see these graffitis can complement the works of the artist.  

Amir-reza Asadi co-founder and designer of the application stated that ‘’AR Graffiti Artist will let everyone to have a role in street art movements”, Furthermore it will stop criticizers of graffiti art from calling it vandalism. Asadi added that” Release of AR Graffiti Artist is a major milestone for AR Art“.

Augmented reality is a rising technology and is very important in Apple’s vision for the future of computing. Apple has  bought some of the small businesses working on AR and these investments have the tech community waiting for it’s long rumored AR glasses, so AR Graffiti Artist is joining the wave toward augmented reality.

 AR Graffiti Artist is  available for free in the Appstore now and is compatible  with iPhone 6s and later, iPad pro models and iPad 6th generation.  

Devices must be running iOS 11.4 Or later.

ThingoTeam is the group behind the AR Graffiti Artist application, which is made of students who are interested and involved  in emerging technologies including AR/VR and Deep Learning projects.

Press Contact

Essam Hemadi