First screenshots of BeyondPass AR

The BeyondPass AR is in the road to App Store and You can download it from app store soon.

There are screenshots of our game changing AR Social Media.

We will release weekly update and add new features soon.

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Why is iPhone X inexpensive?

Why is iPhone X inexpensive?

While many people believe iPhone X is expensive and overpriced and they call it’s buyers Sheeples, I think in contrast to other Devices, the iPhone X is more affordable.

How a 1000$  cellphone can be cheap?In name of computer-mediated reality, iPhone X can be an affordable choice. iPhone X has various interesting features that make it a killer warrior in computer-mediated reality market, and of course, the new war is not on the devices with better voice assistant systems, The battle is about  Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality.

Microsoft is going to release Windows Mixed Reality headsets this Holiday. Google has released  DayDream VR platforms which work with Android Devices.

Sony, HTC, and Facebook are other major players in Virtual Reality market.

let’s check their solutions costs:

Sony PlayStation VR: 400$ Headset + 300$ PlayStation 4 Device and the solution is not portable and you should be connected to TV. Total Cost: 700$
HTC Vive: 1000+$ PC  +  599$ Headset( Which was 799$ earlier .Total Cost is at least  1600$  and the solution is not usable out of the house in the best case you can purchase extra accessories to make it cordless at Home.
Facebook: 1000$+PC   +  399$ Headset. Total Cost is at least 1400 $ and you cant’ use it in outdoor.
Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality: 1000$ PC + 299$ headset. Total cost is at least 1299$ and you are the prisoner of cords and cables in this solution too.
Microsoft HoloLens Commercial Suite which is dedicated to  Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality is 5000$.
Google DayDream: 649$ Pixel Phone + 79$ Headset and total costs are around 800$ which is the cheapest VR  solution so far.
But what you got when you buy an iPhone x:

Apple A11 ‘Bionic’ chipset has used in iPhone X and iPhone8. This chipset includes  Six-Core CPU, Six Core GPU, M11 motion coprocessor which makes new iPhones performance higher than new Macbook pro(1).It means that you got a high-performance device which empowers you Augmented Reality Solution.
Furthermore, iPhone X  front sensors can detect  30,000 dots in your face (It seems to be more accurate than Kinect Two which is not portable ).
iPhone Cameras are calibrated for Augmented Reality and they can work in low light, moreover, they are 60fps which can create immersive AR experience.
Although Apple officially has not introduced any VR/AR headset yet Third party companies get interested in creating AR headsets for ARKit.Mira Prism is one of these companies which is going to sell 99$ AR headset for iPhone 7.

You may think with yourself While Apple hasn’t released VRKit( Or any information about VR Capabilities)  why I talk about Virtual Reality in this discussion?Because I the hardware of iPhone X is not only AR Ready but They Are VR-Ready too and the ARKit is not only augmented reality development kit, ARKit with iPhone’s World Tracking hardware can create immersive VR experiences.For Example, if you watch the videos of ARKit portals you can experience the immersive Virtual Reality which may be more immersive than Playstation VR.

In conclusion, Apple and Google providing less expensive solutions and if we consider the flood of AR apps for iPhone, the Apple Solution seems to be more affordable. I hope Apple introduces it’s own AR Glasses in beginning of 2018 also I wish it has built-in batteries to increase the duration of AR experiences.